Saturday, September 8, 2007

Let's Talk COLOR...

Welcome Cyber Readers. I am a stay at home mom who LOVES to decorate. Decorating is what you would call my passion or hobby, if you will. Over the years, I have learned what works and what doesn't work in a space. So, I am going to share with you some of my tips and tricks of the trade. The Savvy Seasons Home Decor Blog profiles how to decorate on a budget while adding elegance, warmth, and charm to any home. Let's Begin with COLOR... Back in the day, many people lived with sterile, boring, white walls. Why? Why were so many people scared o
Use Earthy/Neutral Tones on walls, as these colors tend to go well with just about everything!
f color? Color brightens your day, enhances what you have in your home, and really, juts adds a touch of tasteful opulence to just about any room. Now let's not go crazy with color. While color is wonderful, many people tend to go overboard with overpowering, bright, obnoxious colors. If you stay with more earthy tones in your home, you can really play up any space making it look, fun, energetic, cool, calm, spacious, and warm...the list just goes on and on. I truly believe that coloring up your walls is the 1st step in creating a tasteful decorating palette. So, don't be afraid of color. Go out there and look through some color swatches, choose a warm earthy tone and take it to the walls. Have fun with it! Trust me, you will not be disappointed!